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Topless Tuesdays: FELIPE TORRETTA

This week we find ourselves featuring another gorgeous model from Brazil. It seems every where I turn there's a scantily clad Brazilian model with six pack abs, piercing eyes, and smoldering good looks. There just may be something in the water there. And with that let me introduce Felipe Tarretta!

Felipe was born on March 20, 1987 in Tucuruí, which is located in the northern region of Brazil. This 26 year old model is also an actor. Many of the shots below come from Didio and terra's the boy.

There is virtually nothing I could find online about Felipe.

So instead of making a bunch of stuff up I'll let you get to what you really want... the photo spread.


Topless Tuesdays: LEVI JACKSON

Kansas. Home of tornadoes, the Wizard of Oz, and strapping cornfed Midwestern guys - just like this week's model. While Kansas may be in "fly over" country for those of us on the coasts - we all know that every body wants to marry a nice midwestern lad. Grab a ticket and get in line - let me introduce you to Levi Jackson!

The writers over at Man Crush Blog caught up with Levi last year. Here's what he told them: "I plan on pursuing my dreams in NYC next year. I am a business student, artist, music enthusiast. Eating a healthy balance and staying active are key to my physique. My current training regimen includes rock climbing and rowing."

And here's his vitals...
Height: 5'8"
Waist: 30
Shoe: 8.5
Eyes: Green
Weight: 150


Topless Tuesdays: HEATH HUTCHINS

This week's model traded in his football pads and bulking mass for Gucci suits and sizzling six pack abs. The blonde bombshell now calls Miami Beach his home. And despite not being a fan of the blondes there is nothing I can find wrong with Mr. Former Mississippi State University Football Player Heath Hutchins!

Heath is represented by Mega Model Management in Miami and Chosen Model Management in Chicago. When he decided to switch careers and start modeling he literally transformed his body. He went from a bulking 220 down to 170 in a few months.

Asked what was the biggest challenge in his transformation, he says, "Probably food. I love chocolate chip cookies and Mexican food. I literally used to eat one of the two daily and now may eat one of them every 10 days."

Heath is a newbie to the modeling scene but has already worked with some great photographers including Martina Cyman, Idris + Tony, and Scott Teitler. He's also done work with Fantastics Mag.

It won't be long before you'll see his face everywhere. And that time won't come soon enough.


Topless Tuesdays: TOMAS SKOLOUDIK

This week I was lacking in creativity so I decided why not feature a model that happens to be ranked 33 in honor of my birthday. Yes, very inventive and original. Well, I looked at the ranking and I didn't like #33 so I went with a different guy entirely. But lucky for me and for you he's hot and I'm pretty sure you'll like this handsome fella too. Let me introduce you to Tomas Skoloudik!

Tomas was born on October 24, 1985 in the small town of Dobrany in the Czech Republic. He is currently ranked 38th on the most popular male model scale.

Skoloudik started his modeling career at the age of 19 and has enjoyed a wildly popular career thus far. His works includes runway work for Gucci and an advertising campaign for The Gap and underwear company Men’s Health, “Men’s Folio”, “Style: Men”, and “Indigo”. This is in addition to extensive appearances in print and television advertising in Asia in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Tomas is currently the face of Calliope's Spring Summer 2013 campaign. He is represented by Select Model Management, DNA Models in New York, Success Models in Paris, Premier Model Management in London, and Sight Model Management in Barcelona among others.

And here are his vitals:
Height: 6'1"
Waist: 30.5
Suit: 50
Shoe: 10
Eyes: Green

Topless Tuesdays: MIKE STALKER

This week's model represents several categories that I am personally a huge fan of. And I'll go on a limb and assume that many of you will agree with me. Three of the following four traits of his are incredibly sexy: [A] Soccer Player, [B] New Jersey boy, [C] C-IN2 underwear model, and [D] 21 years old. You can take a wild guess where my votes lie. And with that I bring you Mike Stalker...

Mike grew up in Wall, New Jersey and despite being the latest body for C-IN2 underwear he's got some brains in that pretty Italian head of his. He grew up playing soccer, basketball, and baseball. He went to St. Benedict's Prep in Newark, NJ and is currently a junior at Fordham University where he's a finance major in the business school and also happens to be on a soccer scholarship.

While at St. Benedict's Prep he was a three-year starter, serving as team captain as a senior. He was a part of winning three State Prep "A" Championships from 2007-09, with the last title in 2009 setting the NSCAA National Record for 21 consecutive state championships.

Last year he was introduced to Michael Lyons at Silver Model Management and in December 2012 he had his first modeling shoot with the esteemed Rick Day. Right after that shoot he landed the C-IN2 campaign. That was only a few short months ago. You may have seen his C-IN2 posters splashed around New York City.

And you can expect a C-IN2 video being released very soon as well as shots from his shoot with Richard Phibbs for Citizen K International fashion magazine.