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Brad Renfro

Renfro Dead at 25

This week young actor Brad Renfro died mysteriously at the age of 25. Renfro had a history of drug abuse but was reportedly clean and sober for the past many months. He had been out drinking with friends the night before.

Sir Ian McKellan who worked with Renfro on Apt Pupil wrote a very touching memorial on his website. Here's a clip:

In Hollywood he was a teenage charmer, chaperoned by his beloved grandmother and by his admirers who protected him as best they could from the dangers of being a child in a careless adult's world.....

He longed to belong in the alien world which perhaps in the end overwhelmed him. He was only 25 and it is dreadful we shan't see all that he might have achieved.

Renfro also starred in the 1995 film about a young boy with AIDS, The Cure, which really makes me cry like a baby. Some of his other films were Sleepers and the slighly homoerotic, Bully.