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Bernie Mac

Friday Flashback: The Week In Review

<> The release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be pushed back until Summer 2009.

<> Jared Polis wins the Democratic primary in Colorado's 2nd district for the U.S. House beating out former state senator Joan Fitz-Gerald while running as an openly gay man. The heavily democratic district almost certainly means he'll be going to Washington this fall.

<> Michael Phelps continues to rack up gold medals - currently has 6 gold medals from the 2008 Olympics. Consumes 11,000 calories per day. Gets a nap in the afternoon?

<> Isaac Hayes - voice of South Park's Chef - dies at age 65. Bernie Mac dies at age 50 of pneumonia complications.

<> Edwards the cheater? Relentless media keeps spinning the story over and over and over. Alan Colmes snaps during Edwards panel.

<> Manhunt.net Co-Founder Jonathan Crutchley contributes $2300 to the McCain campaign. After days of intense membership cancellations Crutchley was asked to step down as Chairman of the Board.

<> Hillary Clinton will be nominated and have her name announced during the role call at the Democratic Convention in Denver. Marc Ambinder reports that Obama/Clinton tensions are fabricated - mostly by the Republican National Committee.