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Kenneth the Page

Kenneth The Page's Response to Gov. Jindal

On Tuesday President Barack Obama addressed a joint session of Congress. It was an amazing speech that spoke frankly and honestly about the state of our great nation. In his speech, President Obama outlined this three major legislative goals. They are healthcare reform, education, and alternative "green' energy.

It was a great speech and I managed to only cry a few times. I think by his third year I'll be immune to tears when listening to him speak.

Anyways, the exorcism performing Louisiana Governor - Bobby Jindal - was selected to give the Republican response to President Obama's speech. It was terrible - makes me wish Sarah Palin was still around. Immediately everyone started making comparison's between Gov. Jindal and 30 Rock's Kenneth the Page.

Last night Kenneth the Page joined Jimmy Fallon on his new Late Night Show to give his response. Check it out below: