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Ramblings: Books, Marriage, Republicans - Oh My!

This has been quite the week for noteworthy news. I'm excited by the recent addition of my birth state - Maine - to the short list of marriage equality states last week. I'll be happy for the day when the thought of full marriage equality in all 50 states isn't newsworthy or exciting.

And while I know that many people that are near and dear to me identify with the Republican Party I have to imagine that even the strongest hold-outs have to be shaking their heads right now. What is up with the Republican Party? They spent the better part of last week criticizing attacking President Barack Obama for ordering spicy dijon mustard on his cheeseburger. I understand that you don't like the guy but can you come up with some solutions? Really you have to be desperate when you waste 3 days of airtime on a guy's condiment choice. Sad... very sad.

One of the great things about my new routine in New York is all the reading I can do while on the train. A favorite new author of mine is David Benioff. If you want a good read check out his latest book City of Thieves about an unlikely pair of guys who are sent on an impossible journey to find a dozen eggs in war torn Russia during the siege of Leningrad.

And an impossibly cute gay "YouTube Personalities" collaborative video to combat all the anti-gay bullying taking place online - well worth the 3 minutes of your time.