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Harry Potter

Topless Tuesdays: Harry Potter's FREDDIE STROMA

With just one day until Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opens in theaters most people need no additional motivation to rush to the big screen. For the few of you that do - I present to you Freddie Stroma! He joins the Harry Potter cast as Cormac McLaggen - the romantic interest (if just, momentarily) of famous Gryffindor, Hermione Granger.

Freddie was born in London on January 8, 1987 - that makes him 22 (for those of you with less than proficient math skills) - and he's a rapidly rising British star. This 5'11" hottie has had other roles before Harry Potter - including Lady Godiva and The Last Flight to Kuwait. On top of this acting career he's also had what appears to be a healthy modeling career. You can judge for yourself below...

And as an added bonus on this very topical Topless Tuesdays - I've included a behind the scenes video from Freddie's Acne Underwear photo shoot in December 2008. Poor brand name of underwear - amazing video. Trust.

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series may have come to an end but the movies associated with each of the books are still in the works. Back in July I posted a trailer for the upcoming Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince and now there is another, international, trailer available.

The movie was originally set to release this year but was pushed back to Summer 2009 because Daniel Radcliffe is currently starring nude in Equus in NYC and the producers didn't want that associated with Harry Potter.

Friday Flashback: The Week In Review

<> The release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be pushed back until Summer 2009.

<> Jared Polis wins the Democratic primary in Colorado's 2nd district for the U.S. House beating out former state senator Joan Fitz-Gerald while running as an openly gay man. The heavily democratic district almost certainly means he'll be going to Washington this fall.

<> Michael Phelps continues to rack up gold medals - currently has 6 gold medals from the 2008 Olympics. Consumes 11,000 calories per day. Gets a nap in the afternoon?

<> Isaac Hayes - voice of South Park's Chef - dies at age 65. Bernie Mac dies at age 50 of pneumonia complications.

<> Edwards the cheater? Relentless media keeps spinning the story over and over and over. Alan Colmes snaps during Edwards panel.

<> Manhunt.net Co-Founder Jonathan Crutchley contributes $2300 to the McCain campaign. After days of intense membership cancellations Crutchley was asked to step down as Chairman of the Board.

<> Hillary Clinton will be nominated and have her name announced during the role call at the Democratic Convention in Denver. Marc Ambinder reports that Obama/Clinton tensions are fabricated - mostly by the Republican National Committee.



The long awaited trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released last night. You can get your first look right here at DyerTimes!

HP6 hits theaters on November 21, 2008. Judging by this trailer this movie will likely focus on telling the story of Voldemort - shown in the trailer as the child, Tom Riddle. The trailer neglects any showing of significant characters such as Potions Professor Slughorn or the Half-Blood Prince himself, Severus Snape.

HP5: Check It Out!

Alright, so I just returned home from seeing the midnight showing of Harry Potter 5. For loyal fans - the ones that actually read the books - you should thoroughly enjoy the movie. Even those folks that just check out the films but don't read the books you should enjoy the film as well.

Despite leaving out large chunks of the film - I understand the book was HUGE - but some great things were overlooked. The battle in the Department of Mysteries could have been extended. The Weasley Boys also made a swamp - not a firework show. But, in all it was great.

The surprise highlight of the film though is LUNA LOVEGOOD. She's great. Perfectly cast. Evanna Lynch is superb! When she was just 14, Lynch beat out 15,000 other girls at the open audition in London.

I give it three thumbs up!